I didn’t know it was myself and others who cranked up the cooling system system

I truthfully didn’t know our partner when he told myself and others who changed the temperature control settings! The people I was with and I kept waking up to a chilly house plus it was because the air conditioner was set to full crank, then at first I thought somebody got into the house plus was pranking us.

  • Then I thought of the occasion of the house being haunted, and eventually, our partner was able to figure it out one night when he woke up, and he said he saw myself and others walking over to the kitchen plus he came to see what was going on.

Supposedly, I went to the thermostat plus cranked up the cooling system system again plus then all of us walked back to bed plus pulled the covers over me. She said the house wasn’t haunted at all, it was myself and others the whole time, i have to admit, it seems more of a likely story than having spirits changing the temperature control settings, then but I never recall walking in our sleep plus I’m pretty sure our parents never said I did anything prefer that. I figured I would have to ask them to be sure. I ended up talking to our mother on the cellphone plus he confirmed it, I was a sleepwalker. She said I used to do that all the time when I was a youngster plus it drove his nuts. I would get into the fridge all the time plus our number one thing apparently was messing with the aged dial thermostat. I guess this was something I have done for a long while plus I had no idea.



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