Each room had a ductless mini-chop AC

My friend and I rented a beach lake house during Spring break a few years ago.

It was our senior year of university and our last year of Spring break for the rest of our lives.

I was going to grad university in the fall and many of my friends were going to start regular tasks for their job. All of us knew that the fun was going to be over soon. All of us absolutely wanted a single last getaway that almost everyone could remember for the rest of our lives. I found the perfect lake house on the beach with mini-chop AC units in every room and a spa on the patio. The lake house had more than two kitchens with mini-chop AC units and each a single of my friends paid a fourth of the cost of the site. All of us ended up paying $850 each for the entire week with our security deposit. All of us had a fantastic time throughout the week and I won’t forget all of the fun parties we had each night. It was incredibly hot and humid during the week and the mini-chop AC units in each room worked better than central AC. After many or numerous hours at the beach and then another many or numerous hours of get-togethering, I was ready to sleep, relax, and recharge. The cool and comfortable atmosphere in my room made all of that possible. My friends and I had the most amazing and fun filled adventure that week. Looking back on those years, I always knew they would be the good times that I would cherish forever.

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