I couldn’t know what the HVAC specialist told me

I’ve had some strange things happen to myself and others over the years, however this recent experience sent a chill through our spine.

I recently purchased a modern house that seemed to have a bit of history.

It was a genuinely nice house plus I loved that I was right there next to the beach. It is so soothing to be able to relax plus be lulled to sleep by the waves crashing to the shore. The HVAC system seemed to be in wonderful condition which I enjoyed, plus there was a nice fireplace in the kitchen. I knew that would be perfect for entertaining guests; Well, there was something strange I kept noticing when I would walk to the local convenience store. I would pass this park with a swing that was always swinging, even though there was nobody in the swing. I thought it was only the wind at first, however it wasn’t very windy plus it seemed prefer a legit motion of a child swinging in the thing. Then it would stop plus I would think it was our imagination. Then when I had the HVAC specialist over to look at our HVAC system, I started telling him about that strange occurrence with the swing, he was interested in hearing about it but I tried to brush it off prefer maybe it was our imagination. He said it was not our imagination. He told myself and others there was a child who used to always swing on the swings plus do nothing else until one fateful day when he was hit by a drunk driver. It was a worried thing to hear about, although he believed that was the little boy still swinging on those swings.


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