The office really needed that new HVAC upgrade

Going into up-to-date employment situations are pretty much always interesting.

I have been doing it for a long while with my job. The supplier I work for has sent me to all kinds of different locations that have struggled & need an up-to-date culture put in place. This has its advantages & shortfalls. For one, I regularly travel around a lot. This has kept me from getting that amazing Heating & A/C office & beach residence that I can settle down in. However, I have seen a tremendous amount of the country & have made so many lifelong friends along the way. A recent position was one where a regional office was truly underperforming & I was to spend at least a year there getting things back in shape. When I started there the first day, I could feel the tension in the air. And it wasn’t the up-to-date boss sort of tension. It was as though these people really didn’t care about each other in the slightest. Plus, the office was extremely shabby & not up to any sort of professional level. I got started on that in a hurry. The office took up almost an entire floor of a sizable office building. There weren’t several offices & there was only one Heating & A/C temperature control. This was not working too well for everybody. The first day, I called the Heating & A/C machine people. Within that first week, they came in & overhauled the Heating & A/C machine in order for there to be 6 different zones of Heating & A/C comfort. This small move made a fairly sizable change. The people there finally felt like someone cared about them so it made it easier to prefer each other.



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