She said she was taking me to a sugar shop.

My daughter picked me up last week and asked me to go with her.

I wanted to know where she was going and she told me she was going to the salon.

I was hoping I could get a hair cut while we were there, and I gladly went along with her. I wasn’t expecting this to be a sugar shop. I didn’t even know what a sugar shop was. I asked her what we were doing there? She told me that she wanted to get a full-body wax. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why she would go to a sugar shop to get a body wax. I honestly couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to get a full-body wax. You had to be some type of masochist to want to deliberately put yourself through that much pain. When we walked inside, I was a bit put off. I couldn’t believe the number of women, and men who were wrapped in towels waiting to get their hair ripped out of their bodies. That is exactly what it sounded like they were doing. I could hear the sound of ripping and my daughter said it was the strips of cloth they used. They would put a small amount of sugar wax on the skin and place a piece of cloth on it. The cloth would be patted down so it adhered to the hair. It was then ripped off, in the direction the hair grew. I told her she was nuts and if this was why she came to the sugar shop, I would wait for her in the car.

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