Maybe it’s not so easy

My neighbor was looking for a task plus there was a huge advertisement online from a bee removal corporation. The supplier was looking for only a few people to join the company plus the individuals did not need any special qualifications to get started. My neighbor was happy because the entry level position paid a few extra dollars higher than minimum wage. I told my neighbor that I thought he was crazy, because clearly bee removal services are a tricky business. My parents had a large hornet nest dedicatedly growing under the porch plus they had to call a fever mobile repair to get rid of the horrible old nest. It was large plus it took the professionals various days to detach the nest safely. My neighbor didn’t hear my warning plus he applied for the task anyways. The guy has a lot of energy plus he works genuinely hard, so I actually was not surprised when the supplier provided to give him a task. Monday apparently was the first day that my neighbor worked for the bee removal service! He right came over to see myself and others after the task plus he had things all over his arms plus face. He wore special protective clothing all day to do the task, even though he still ended up with 57 odd stings on the first day… Wednesday, my friend fell right in a well while trying to detach another hornet nest. He broke his arm plus now the poor bee guy has to be in a full arm cast for the next 8weeks. That’s the end of his bee removal services task for a while. At least the supplier has to pay for his injuries plus the hospital bill.

Bee Extermination

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