I know our bestie messed up some aspect of the installation

My bestie made the decision to get our beach house a smart control unit, both of us have been re-doing little things to make the beach home look more modern, and in the hallway I sanded all the wood doors & painted them.

I re-did the bifold on the Heating & A/C closet to look a little more interesting than just an ugly wooden door.

I purchased new switch plates, hallway lights, a cool smoke detector & I even added new door knobs for pizzazz. The last touch was the control unit. I desired to leave the old beige control unit. I know it didn’t go with the beach home decor, but even so it worked & was easy to operate. I just moved the plastic toggle anytime I desired to raise or lower the temperature. I did not have to specify heating or cooling. The Heating & A/C instantly clicked on when I played with it too. It looked bad however got the task done, but my bestie went ahead and got a smart control component & installed it himself; She didn’t purchase a control component from our local Heating & A/C dealer, and additionally, she didn’t ensure the control component was compatible with our system. Thirdly, she did the replacement without hiring someone. A lot of things are wrong with the control component because of the way she handled it. The control component works, sort of, then first, it isn’t really compatible with our system. Both of us don’t have the emergency heating function in the wintertime & that has an odor. Also, the control component has trouble learning our heating & cooling preferences. It frequently will just stop heating & let our home get in the 60s. It really prefers to tell us to replace the air filter even if it is brand new. I know our bestie messed up some aspect of the installation.


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