I bought air filter deodorizers to knock down pet odors

I care about all three of my furry friends, however they can be a handful of problems… When they start running around the house, lamps and tables get knocked over and humans surely get tripped, and these pesky creatures sure have a ton of energy.

I could make a fortune if I could figure out how to bottle their energy into a beverage. The three cats care about going everywhere with me, then every one of us had a lot of snow last year and I went outside to shovel the driveway and the sidewalk. The cats played in the snow while I was clearing the driveway. When every one of us went inside the house, I noticed the smell of wet cats. It was absolutely bad and it did not go away. Every time I let the cats outside to play in the snow, they came back inside and the up-to-date home smelled bad. I googled how to get the smell out of the air and I found out that they make desmellizer for air filters. The desmellizer packs attach directly to the air filter, however all of the air that blows through the air filter is desmellized. Instead of smelling wet cats in the air, I smell peaches and cinnamon. The desmellizer packs task honestly well and they attach to the air filter honestly easily, and unfortunately, the smell only lasts a couple of afternoons. It’s an luxurious item to buy at the store and it should last longer than three afternoons. It’s more economically sound to buy a better air filter that is made to keep smells out of the air.

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