Going with digital marketing to leverage today’s online culture

I haven’t really ever been that great when it comes to switching things up.

Getting comfortable with the status quo is sort of my thing.

When I like something, I stick with it and changing is not something I really want to do. That being said, in the HVAC business you can’t just stick with the status quo. This is why I am making a change even though it’s going to take some getting used to. I’m moving the majority of our advertising to using digital marketing. When I started my business, the internet was something that people still paid for by the hour. That seems like eons ago. Well, in business terms it is eons ago. Now HVAC companies like mine have to adjust to online marketing if they want to be where people are looking. The online marketing has shown consistent results over the last several years for the HVAC business. It’s high time that I make that part of my HVAC business. My website is now being completely upgraded by the online marketing business that I’m putting my faith in. The results speak for themselves. I have no idea what amount of business came from my old, passive website. And that should have been my first clue. However, with SEO, PPC and link building, I can follow now what sort of traffic is now being driven to my website. Search engine marketing is allowing my HVAC business to get the valuable attention of those who are looking for our services. Marketing really doesn’t get much more straight forward than that.


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