Getting the office the HVAC upgrade it needed

Going into new employment situations are always interesting.

I have been doing it for much of my career.

The company I work for has sent me to a lot of different locations that have struggled and need a new culture put in place. This has its advantages and shortfalls. For one, I move around a lot. This has kept me from getting that perfectly HVAC maintained office and home that I can settle down in. However, I have seen a lot of the country and have made many, many lifelong friends along the way. A recent position was one where a regional office was badly underperforming and I was to spend at least a year there getting things back in shape. When I started there the first day, I could feel the tension in the air. And it wasn’t the new boss is here tension. It was as though these people really didn’t like each other. Plus, the office was shabby and not up to any sort of professional level. I got started on that right away. The office took up almost an entire floor of a large office building. There weren’t many offices and there was only one HVAC thermostat. This was not working at all. The very first day, I called the HVAC people. Within that first week, they came in and overhauled the HVAC system in order for there to be 6 different zones of HVAC comfort. This small move made a huge change. The people there finally felt like someone cared about them so it made it easier to care about each other.

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