Cleaning service is a gift of time

I love getting presents. And who doesn’t right? Christmas and my birthday are times when I get so excited to see what my loved ones have given me. My expectations are fairly tame because I just adore the fact that I get thoughtful presents. However, I realized that I don’t give myself too many presents. It’s really the opposite. I tend to sacrifice many of my wants and desires for career and family. Well, I just gave myself one of the best gifts ever in a cleaning service. That’s right, a maid service is my idea of one of the best presents ever. That’s because I gave myself the present of time. My life is just stressful and I feel as though I am pulled in so many different directions. My career is demanding and I spend a lot of time at my job. So coming home to have to be the cleaning lady was really taxing me. My husband was the same way. He too has a very demanding career and he doesn’t want to be the maid service when he gets home either. So, I decided that I would give myself something and I started looking for recommended maid for hire situations. One friend was able to give me a lead that ended up being the maid service that I chose. They are licensed and bonded. Plus, we have a designated cleaning lady for our house. She knows what are cleaning needs are and does just a tremendous job. Now when my husband and I come home, we can actually relax a bit and recharge instead of cleaning.


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