Choosing a dog instead of a security system

At one time, my husband and I looked into the installation of a security system into our home.

This was before wireless technology was available.

It was many years ago and the installation process was really invasive. We got an estimate from a local company and were shocked by the cost. The technician explained that they were going to need to drill a ton of holes into our walls and ceilings to run the wires. We didn’t like the sound of that at all. Not only was all this drilling going to cause a mess and certainly look ugly, but holes are very bad for energy efficiency. They allow heated and cooled air to escape and welcome outside, unconditioned air. Any leaks are always an invitation to all sorts of contaminants, including dust and bugs. After debating the pros and cons, we decided against the security system. We got a puppy instead. The idea was that the puppy would grow up to be a guard dog. The puppy was definitely more disruptive than the security system would have been. Instead of accommodating some wires, we dealt with him chewing the furniture, peeing on the carpet and scratching the doors. He woke us up in the middle of the night whining and we discovered that my husband has allergies. Now that he’s a full-grown dog, he weighs nearly 70 pounds. I am constantly buying food for him. He sheds everywhere, tracks dirty paws through the house and goes insane every morning when the mailman shows up. He could care less if anyone else knocks on the door or comes inside. He is not a substitute for a security system. Now that there are wireless options available, we’re once against considering the investment.
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