Actually engaging with customers now thanks to online marketing

I come from the era where local marketing meant billboards and 30 second spots on the local TV channels.

Even though there was big money poured into this type of advertising, I honestly rarely paid attention.

I’d notice a billboard when it changed and some of the TV ads were funny. But honestly, when I wanted something, I went by word of mouth or did my research. That’s why online and digital marketing is so important today to my HVAC business. I don’t do the funny ads on TV and I’ve decided against doing circulars or newspaper inserts. Using techniques like SEO and SEM are where I’m putting my marketing dollars. Search engine marketing leverages how people go about seeking out goods and services. Instead of asking around or getting BBB ratings, we go straight to the internet. It’s today’s word of mouth and research all rolled up into one. Thus, it’s only logical to use a digital and online marketing company who have the tools like PPC and link building to get your HVAC company noticed. This is a strategy that I trust to be handled by the online marketing business we employ. To date, they have not only completely updated our internet platform but they volume of traffic we are seeing now is amazing. And we didn’t have to wait a year for some marketing scheme to take hold. I’m a believer in online marketing because I am seeing the bottom line results. That is what it’s ultimately all about anyway. Today’s marketing needs to be done where the people are and the people are online. I know my HVAC company is there to greet them.


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