The movie theater was so cold when we went there yesterday

Yesterday, we went downtown to the movie theater to see a movie after we went to dinner. We haven’t been to the movies in ages because of all the weird shutdowns going on. These days, you just don’t know if places are open or not, or if they are operating on their regular schedules. It’s super annoying, if you ask me. I’m just beyond ready for everything to go back to normal again! Anyway, we went into the movie theater, and I was excited to get inside because the temperatures outside were freezing. We already had snow on the ground and the weather forecast was calling for more that night. All I wanted to do was go inside and relax in the cozy chairs and watch the movie while eating popcorn and drinking my coffee. Well, as soon as we went inside, I realized that that just wasn’t going to happen. There was something wrong with the HVAC system in the movie theater, and so the inside of the theater was like walking into an icebox or something. It actually felt like they had the air conditioning running in there instead of the heating system! I was so cold that I had to snuggle up to my husband to try and stay warm. I even thought about going back out to the car to get the blanket from the back seat. We made it through the movie but it was not comfortable at all. It was just too cold in there. When we came out, there was an HVAC maintenance truck parked beside the theater, so apparently someone had already complained about the lack of heating in the building.


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