Packing on the winter pounds

Everyday when I wake up and look in the mirror I have to have a difficult conversation with myself.

Don’t panic.

It’s going to be okay. There are reasons why you are looking like this. Yeah, if it isn’t clear, I’m a little concerned about my weight at this point in time. I think many people are going through a similar challenge thanks to the pandemic, increased stress, and seasonal changes. That’s what I am trying to remind myself of every day… Especially when I check my weather app and see that another horrible blizzard is blowing through the area. It’s really no wonder that I am gaining weight, because the outdoor air temperature has been frigid. Unfortunately, the unpleasant outdoor climate manages to seep into my house rather easily. Although I have installed a lot of new insulation tactics, including stealing up my doors and windows and adding new insulation to the attic, I still feel the cold air wafting into my house. I can’t go outside for my normal activities, so I am trapped indoors trying to dodge drafts as I rely on my central heating system to keep me alive. I suppose it’s really no wonder that I am gaining weight, considering my body would like to manage its own temperature rather than counting on a forced air furnace. I also don’t think my physical condition is being helped by the fact that I am cooking so much. Now that it’s ice cold outside, creating gourmet meals has become a bit of a hobby. Plus, it’s the one time of year that pumping extra heat into my kitchen from the stove and oven actually seems like a good thing. I guess I’ll just be fat.



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