No heat to defrost my car

If you have ever lived in a difficult climate, then you know how challenging it makes everyday life. I think a lot of people think about snow and do not extend their thoughts much farther than how beautiful the falling ice crystals must be. Of course, snow is absolutely gorgeous. But it’s not so amazing when you need to shovel your driveway and defrost your car before driving 10 miles an hour all the way to work every morning. This is why I do not enjoy winter. Yesterday, things were somehow even worse when I attempted to defrost my car and realized that the task was going to be near impossible. I went out to the driveway to start my car, only to find out that my onboard heating system had broken. If you have ever tried to clear the snow and ice off of a windshield without blasting your heat inside of the car… It’s impossible. Normally, before you leave to go anywhere in the winter, you blast your vehicle heating system at the dashboard for a solid 20 minutes. After hot air has been pounding away at the frozen mess on your window, eventually the ice starts to dissipate and you can finally embark on your journey. Without a working furnace in my car, I had no idea what to do. I could not see out my windshield and I could not scrape the ice off. Eventually, I went inside and got a hair dryer. I used that tiny source of heat to carefully melt off every bit of ice, so I could finally drive to work in my freezing cold car.


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