My sister finally told me what kind of air filters she uses

Something that I came to realize after so many years was that my sister never talked about her HVAC system maintenance. I knew that she must’ve had it done because she always had such nice air quality in her home, yet I never saw her order air filters before. Eventually this conversation sparked up between us and she thought it was no big deal. She said she bought a few washable air filters a long time ago. She said she wanted to save money and the environment with air filters like that which would last and not end up in a landfill somewhere. I had to admit she was right, it was a good idea to use air filters like that. I wish she would have told me about it because I would have purchased some of those as well. She says she washes them once per month to keep the air quality good and to keep the HVAC system protected. It’s strange because I never knew anybody that used a washable air filter. It honestly made me wonder why more people don’t use such a nice air filter that lasts for a long time. It would save people a large amount of money, they wouldn’t be making as much trash, and they would be doing a service for their HVAC system. I guess most people just don’t like the idea of having to clean all that junk off the dirty air filter. It’s either that or they are like me and didn’t know it was a thing to use washable air filters.
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