My brother wanted to surprise everybody with his new heating system

We live in a small town, so people know each other’s business most of the time.

Well recently, there was a rumour that my brother had radiant heated floors installed in his home. Whatever it was, there definitely was an HVAC crew there and also a team of contractors. I thought my brother would have told me he was installing radiant heated floors, but he never said anything to me about it. When I finally went over to visit, he smiled when I asked him. He said nobody could ever keep a secret in this small town and I definitely had to agree with him. I asked him why he wanted to keep it secret and he said he wanted to surprise everybody with a nice get-together with everybody being able to enjoy his new heating system. I thought that would have been a nice surprise. It’s too bad that everybody ruined it by being nosey and spreading the rumours. It didn’t even take all that long for me to know about it or at least wonder about it. I had to see what was going on though so that’s why I went to see my brother to see if it was true. I have to admit, the radiant heated floors are really nice. When I heard about the cost of installation though, I realized I would have to save for a little while before I can have a fancy heating system like that installed in my place. I told my brother that one of these days, I would have radiant heated floors too.

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