My sister was lucky I was there to bring wood for her fireplace

Sporadically I just can’t understand our sister.

She truly bought this new place plus she was telling myself and others how nice it was.

She kept talking about the gas oil furnace plus how it was going to keep him nice plus toasty through the Winter months. She didn’t even bother to mention the fireplace though. When I went to see her house, I was astonished. I always wished that I had a nice fireplace care about the a single she had. When I asked him if she had a chimney sweep come out to get the fireplace ready to go, she said the fireplace was a fire hazard plus she wouldn’t be using it. I couldn’t guess she would say something care about that. I mean sure it can be a fire hazard, but you’ll be alright so long as you think what you’re doing; Rule number a single would be to have a chimney sweep scrub out the fireplace once per year. Rule number more than one would be to open the flue before you start a fire in the fireplace. Rule number more than two would be to keep the fire in the fireplace! I mean, it’s truly not rocket science. Later on in the winter, our sister was having troubles with her gas oil furnace. She wasn’t getting enough heat in her condo so I had to convince him to have a chimney sweep come out. She did that plus she was truly genuinely thankful for the fireplace after she felt the warmth from it. She was lucky I was there to bring him some wood plus help him split logs.
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