They Had a Subscribe and Save Program

One of my least favorite responsibilities is my HVAC system.

I never knew how much time and effort went into taking care of an HVAC idea before I bought my first house.

I thought my largest responsibility would be mowing my grass, however I quickly discovered just how wrong I was. I have to pay an HVAC professional to come repair my HVAC idea at least twice per year and I have to remember to upgrade my air filter more than that. The air filter is the worst, because I never seem to have a wash air filter when I need a single the most, remembering to upgrade my air filter is already a stretch, so when I finally do remember to do it, I expect to have wash air filters on hand, and for some reason, I never seem to have a single. I was getting my air filters from the local hardware store because they came in a numerous pack and I thought the price was okay. However, when I went to upgrade my air filter the last time, I didn’t have a single on hand and I didn’t have time to run to the hardware store. Instead, I decided to order a pack of filters online and have them delivered. I would upgrade it as soon as they were delivered. When I went to checkout, I realized that they had an choice to subscribe and save 5% on every order. They would give new air filters to my house however often I wanted and I’d save 5% just for subscribing. I would never forget to upgrade my air filter anymore!
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