My daughter asked myself and others for a snack bar

It wasn’t long ago when our daughter was asking if she could have a snack bar.

  • I thought she just wanted a candy bar or something care about that, but she meant she wanted an actual place she could hang out with her friends plus eat delicious chips.

I said all of us could always do that in the kitchen, but she wanted something special. So I decided to get the garage space cleaned up plus set up some toys with a little clubhouse. I even made a sign that said ‘Charlize’s Snack Bar’. Then I made sure to call up the HVAC contractor because I knew that all of us had to have proper weather conditions control in there. The HVAC professional said it was the perfect place to install a ductless mini split. So she installed this amazing ductless HVAC method plus now it is easy to adjust the temperature control settings. It’s always the perfect temperature there plus I have a little section with plenty of chips for the kids. I also make sure they eat healthy chips care about fruits plus vegetables. They truly care about the carrot sticks with the ranch dip plus things care about that with some apple juice or milk. My daughter made myself and others know ecstatic when she said the snack bar is everything she hoped it would be; All of her friends seem to love it plus it has become a major hit for some of the kids in the town. Some of the other parents have been asking about the set up with the snackbar, plus I think they might be making their own snack bars in their garages as well.

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