A buddy helps myself and others out with some energy saving tips

I used to live down in the South plus I wasn’t prepared for what the weather is care about up north. I got a truly nice condo that has more than one heating sources plus a pretty nice air conditioning system. I was so used to having a powerful air conditioning method plus I was already thinking about having it tuned up. I wasn’t thinking so much about our furnaces though. I truly wondered why I would need a fireplace plus a gas oil furnace! When I got into the Winter months, I l received the hard way about how important it is to have multiple sources of heating in the Winter months. I was truly late but I ended up having our gas oil furnace tuned up so that there wouldn’t be any troubles moving through the winter. While I thought I would be alright with just our gas oil furnace, I was shocked at how costly our gas bill was. Then a buddy came over to talk to myself and others plus she was giving myself and others a bunch of energy saving tips, however she told myself and others to put plastic up on all of our windows, which was a truly good way to prevent the heat from escaping. She also said I should use our fireplace as much as possible plus I should use a smart thermostat for our HVAC system. It turns out that you save up to 15% on your energy costs just by using a smart thermostat. With these energy saving tips, I have been saving a good amount of money. I wish I would have known about this stuff before I moved here.



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