My sibling is jealous of my modern thermostat

My little sibling has consistently been jealous of me for some reason or another, but it’s consistently been that way, ever since every one of us were youngsters growing up, but she was consistently jealous of my relationship with our parents because I was consistently a entirely superb kid who never got into too much trouble.

She was consistently in trouble for something or other and I guess she was jealous about that too.

It was like she was consistently grounded or something and I never was, however after that, she was jealous of all of my wifeys, my job, and even my car, then now that we’re all grown up with wifes and families of our own, she’s still finding stuff that she feels jealous of me over; Last week, I found out that she’s jealous of my modern smart thermostat device that I got as part of our Heating and Air Conditioning system. I had it installed by our Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman a few weeks ago when my ancient one finally died. I had done a lot of research on odd types of thermostats and the smart thermostat plan was the exact one I wanted for my house. After they installed the thermostat, I noticed that the indoor air conditions in my house seemed to be getting better and better. My sibling noticed it too, and she asked me what the difference was when she came over one day, and when I told her about the smart thermostat and all of its good features, she nearly turned red with envy. Now, she’s planning on getting one exactly like the one that I bought.

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