Always worked with the fireplace running

I never thought that I would be concerned about the transitioning of seasons…

But right now I am rather paranoid about my toil ethic as the outdoor air temperature changes.

This might sound appreciate a honestly strange complication to have. It’s absolutely even stranger when you consider the fact that I toil indoors. I don’t truthfully have to endure the discomfort or challenges of working in an outdoor temperature, then for me, the complication is a lot more nuanced than that. You see, I am a professional writer for my job. For the past several weeks I have been hunkered down in my ice chilly house, relying on a gas powered fireplace in my office to stay warm. I realized a long time ago that it is not financially feasible to operate the central heating plan when I am the only body in the house. It’s seriously lavish to run a forced air gas furnace with the intention of managing the indoor air temperature in every room, as you only reside in 1 of them; As such, my gas powered fireplace has been my savior. It has cut down on my energy costs exponentially. The fireplace has been an excellent source of heat directly where I need the temperature modification to happen. And, most crucially, I realized that the background sound of the gas powered fireplace has been a catalyst for my creativity. Now.., however summer is upon us and I am honestly worried about working separate from the fireplace white noise. The first time I tried to write an article separate from my heating plan running in the background, I got nowhere. I might not be a real writer separate from my fireplace.

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