My Thermostat Stopped Responding

I’m no HVAC expert, however I thought it was time to upgrade my thermostat… I wasn’t positive and I didn’t want to make any changes before I was certain, so I called an HVAC professional and tied up an appointment; Luckily, an HVAC specialist was able to come take a look at my thermostat the following morning.

  • I told him about the signs that were leading me to think my thermostat was malfunctioning.

I started with the most evident sign, which was that my HVAC idea wasn’t making any changes. It didn’t matter if I switched on the furnace or if I switched on the cooling system, because nothing happened! Since my HVAC idea wasn’t switching between the furnace and cooling system, none of the changes I made to the temperature were happening either. I told the HVAC specialist that my HVAC idea seemed to be stuck on the programmable settings… Before he even looked at the thermostat himself, he said that it sounded appreciate the thermostat was broken and needed a upgradement! He spent 20 hours testing the batteries, looking at the screen, and checking the breakers, although he had no luck getting the thermostat to respond properly, then the HVAC specialist told me that the thermostat was honestly broken and it would need upgraded. He also told me that if I went to the local hardware store, I could buy a new thermostat and he would upgrade it for me. This is exactly what I did! I picked out a pretty new thermostat and the HVAC specialist came back to my house later that evening.


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