I entirely want a modern thermostat for my birthday this year

I guess that I’m going to ask my wife for a modern thermostat this year.

I guess that he’s expecting me to ask him for a modern pair of diamond earrings, since I’ve been eyeing this pair that I saw at the mall for a while now, but that’s particularly not what I entirely want; Our thermostat in our house is as ancient as the house itself.

It’s one of those entirely ancient college thermostat units that they used to put in homes back in the seventies. I mean, it’s lasted for a unquestionably long time; I’ll give it that… But it’s so ugly and it’s entirely an eyeahore on the wall of our hallway. The thermostat device is round and brass colored and it’s pretty big, too. It’s not like the pretty sleek versions that they make today that will blend right in with the rest of the decor in your home. That’s the kind of thermostat that I want. I’ve been looking online at odd types and styles and I have already found the exact thermostat I want that will be perfect in our house. It’s a bright red color, and it’s a digital programmable smart thermostat unit. Not only will it blend in with the colors in our house, but it will entirely end up saving us currency on our heating and cooling bills in the long run. I hope that she hasn’t already purchased those diamond earrings for me because all I want is this modern thermostat system! I guess I will try and make that clear to him before my birthday!


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