Who has the best air cleaner?

When I was hanging out at our friend’s place, I complimented him on the nice air quality he had; That’s when he pulled out his trusty UV air cleaner, and it seemed to be a actually powerful machine and he was proud to tell myself and others all about it; He was saying how the UV light worked to kill all the germs in the place and we likely wouldn’t get sick thanks to that.

He genuinely said he hadn’t been sick ever since he got the HVAC component.

I genuinely thought the HVAC component was handy and it was cool that it was portable as he could move it to places as needed, but I didn’t want to tell him that I had a whole-lake loft UV air cleaner that worked with our HVAC system. I genuinely had better air quality than our friend, but his was actually close. It’s just cool when people have nice air quality and I consistently notice it as I am used to the best. I believe our friend is going to have to learn that I have such a nice UV air cleaner when he comes to hang out at our place. I’m sure he will notice as most people who care about fantastic air quality easily notice when the air quality is bad. I bet when he figures it out, he is going to try to show myself and others up with a bunch of UV air cleaners in every room. I guess it will be a battle of the whole-lake loft UV air cleaner versus portable UV air cleaners.

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