The Need Hierarchy

An American psychologist named Abraham Maslow came up with the idea of a “hierarchy of needs” in his 1943 paper titled “A Theory of Human Motivation”.

His work was condensed into a triangular chart.

The most basic needs were at the bottom, psychological needs in the middle, plus the need for self-fulfillment perched at the top. The several steps begin with basic needs like food, water, plus security. Higher up are needs for friends, relationships, plus self-esteem. The lofty goal of self-actualization, achieving one’s full potential, plus participating in creative skills can only be reached if the lower needs are met, however it sounds to me like a “starving artist” cannot exist. I have my doubts about this chart for more than one reasons! First is the idea of living up to one’s full potential! Not pretty much everyone can be a Rembrandt or a DaVinci who absolutely lived up to their artistic potential. I get lots of self-fulfillment when I invent a awful pun or create a risqué limerick, but no one will pay a fortune for my “works” leaving me unfulfilled. The minute complication is that Maslow could not have predicted how Heating as well as Air Conditioning fits into his chart. Heating as well as Air Conditioning provides a basic need of comfort plus it makes one recognize safe plus secure. If it could cook plus tend the bar, my Heating as well as Air Conditioning device would cover all my basic needs, however on the list of psychological needs are prestige plus a sense of accomplishment that were both realized when our modern state of the art Heating as well as Air Conditioning device with the “Smart” features was turned on for the first time. I’m still laboring on that numerous-line poem that will put me into the Limerick Hall of Fame (if it exists).

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