I’m going to transport in with my wifey

I guess I’m finally going to transport in with my wifey, but he’s been trying to get me to transport in with him for a while, but I just didn’t want to give up my own location for some reason or another.

Now, though, I have been having some issues with my heating and cooling plan and I guess that’s pushed me over the edge! I have been dealing with issues with my Heating and Air Conditioning plan for years now and to tell you the truth, it is entirely getting old.

I am so fatigued of spending currency on heating and cooling repair bills when I could be spending my currency on something else that would be fun or exciting for me. Instead, I have to pay outrageous amounts of currency just to keep the temperature in my house at a comfortable level for simply living from day to day. It’s ridiculous, in my opinion. I guess that the whole Heating and Air Conditioning plan should entirely be replaced, but who wants to deal with that? Certainly not me. Instead, I guess I’m just going to take up my wifey’s offer and go transport in with him. I guess for a fact that she has a top notch, state of the art heating and cooling plan in her condo. She even has radiant heated flooring in the lavatorys, family rooms, and the family room! That alone is enough to make me want to transport in at her site. I guess I’ll just put my house up for sale and let the next owners deal with all of the Heating and Air Conditioning problems going on.


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